Alvaro B. Alcazar, Ph.D.

Loyola University New Orleans

Department of Education and Counseling

Loyola University New Orleans

6363 St. Charles Avenue, Campus Box 66,

New Orleans, LA 70118



In educating for justice there are three stages of truth;

1. it is ridiculed

2. it is violently opposed

3. it becomes self-evident.

 - Arthur Schopenhauer


Cooperative Education Haiku

My heart with your mind                                                  

turns learning into gemstones;

so, let's make diamonds.


"By the time you finish breakfast this morning, you will have depended on two-thirds of the world."

 - MLK, Jr.


     Alvaro B. Alcazar, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education and Counseling. He received his Bachelor of Philosophy degree from the Universidad de Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines. Exiled from his native land during the Marcos dictatorship, he received a scholarship to pursue graduate work in theology and earned a Masterís degree in Theological Studies from Notre Dame Seminary Graduate School of Theology in New Orleans. He also received a Masterís degree in Religious Studies from Loyola University New Orleans. He obtained his doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Louisiana State University, where his research interests were in cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary, and inter-faith approaches to curriculum and social change.

     Dr. Alcazar has presented at several local, national, and international conferences on topics related to curriculum, Gandhian and MLKingian social change, Ignatian and Buddhist spirituality, reflective teaching, service learning, domestic violence, undoing racism, and other social justice issues. Dr. Alcazar is a member of several multi-race and multi-faith organizations that address in concrete and collaborative ways the problems of our city. He is also a member of the International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies and the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies.  Dr. Alcazar currently teaches the following courses at Loyola University New Orleans.

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Adolescent Psychology Child Psychology Educational Psychology Philosophy and Education