ALADN 2005 ~ "Sittin' in the Sun"

New Orleans, Louisiana
March 9, 2005


Organized by
Grace El-Tawil, University of Michigan,
Kelly Morris, Stanford University,

Donors of Collections
Jennifer Paustenbaugh, Head, Special Collections and University Archives, Oklahoma State
Chris Foley, Associate Director, University of Pennsylvania Library

Strategies for Partnering with Academic Programs for External Funding
Tim Richards, Director, Mardigian Library, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Diane Marrow, Assistant Director, Public Affairs & Patron Relations, University of Toronto Library

Donor Recognition Sites (lobbies, walls, plaques)
Sara Jane Stone, Assistant Director for Development, University of Pennsylvania Libraries

Creative Ways to Expand the Donor Base
Judy Schumaker, Director of Development and Public Relations, Purdue University Libraries

Gifts in Kind: Reporting and Stewardship
Laurie Miller, Director of Development, University Libraries, Binghamton University

PR and Marketing for Libraries
Joan Barnes, Development and Outreach Librarian, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

Donor Recognition Programs- ex. Bookplates
Mary Goolsby, Library Advancement Coordinator, Baylor University

Pros and Cons of Friends’ Groups
Karen McCulloh, Development Coordinator, Hale Library, Kansas State University

Major Gift Fundraising for Libraries
Julie Seavy, Director of Development, University Library System, University of Pittsburgh

Library Development Newbies: Unanswered Questions
David Madson, Director of Development, Kalmanovitz Library and Special Projects, University of California, San Francisco

Library Naming Opportunities and How to Sell Them
James Huesmann, Dean of University Libraries and Assistant Provost, Computing and Information Technology, Western Illinois University