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Unfortunately, no complete introductory guide to the poetry and music of Guillaume de Machaut now exists. A thorough codicological, bibliographical, and musicological treatment (in outline form) can be found in Lawrence Earp, Guillaume de Machaut: A Guide to Research (New York: Garland, 1995). This indispensable work of reference for music and literary scholars alike is annually updated in the pages of Ymaginer, the newsletter of the International Machaut Society.

An older, but still eminently useful examination of all the narrative poems of Machaut can be found in William Calin, A Poet at the Fountain: Essays on the Narrative Verse of Guillaume de Machaut (Lexington: Kentucky UP, 1974). Some of this material may be found in updated form in Calin's magisterial The French Tradition and the Literature of Medieval England, a work that has the added advantage of placing Machaut in the midst of the cross-channel tradition that his poetry fostered.

For those who read French, Jacqueline Cerquiglini's "Un Engin si Soutil": Guillaume de Machaut et l'écriture au xive siècle (Geneva: Slatkine, 1985) likewise offers a sweeping view of Machaut's writing in its contemporary context.

Machaut's poetry was first edited in the late 19th and early 20th century; during the last twenty-five years, however, many new editions and English translations have appeared.

The lyric poetry is collected in V. Chichmaref, Guillaume de Machaut: Poésies lyriques (Reprinted Geneva: Slatkine, 1973), while the narrative works, except for the Prise d'Alexandrie and the Voir Dit, are to be found in Ernest Hoepffner, Oeuvres de Guillaume de Machaut (Paris: Firmin-Didot, 1908-21).

Modern editions and English translations of Machaut's Prologue, the two judgment poems, the Confort d'ami, the Fonteinne amoureuse, the Dit dou Vergier have appeared in four volumes by R. Barton Palmer in the Garland Library of Medieval Literature from 1984-1993. Palmer and Daniel Leech-Wilkinson published in the same series in 1998 an edition and translation of Machaut's Voir Dit. An edition and translation of the Prise d'Alexandrie by Palmer is due to appear in the Garland Library in 2001. James Wimsatt and William Kibler edited and translated the Jugement Behaingne and the Remede de Fortune in a 1988 volume for the Chaucer Society, published by U of Georgia Press. Minette Gaudet and Constance B. Hieatt edited and translated the Dit de l'alerion for the U of Toronto Press in 1994.

Citations for other editions of the lyric and minor poems can be found in Earp.

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