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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery of Mammal Survey Fieldwork

The following images show some of the results of our fieldwork, to date.

     Sherman trap in Spartina marsh                        Sherman trap on wax myrtle/tallow spoilbank

   Rice rat being release back to the marsh                     Trapline in Spartina marsh habitat

     Opossum captured in havahart live trap               Opossum released and heading-off to swamp

                 Deer mouse in forest                                    Another mouse !!!

         Setting Live Traps at Chalmette                                          Herbaceous Field at Chalmette

             Bat Netting at Bayou des Familles                                   Electronic Bat Detector Setup

                           Big-earred bat                                                          Evening bat

    Active muskrat mound in Scirpus marsh                     Swamp rabbit scat on a log

   Fresh coyote tracks on a spoilbank                                Part of a coyote trail

  Remote camera setup (please don't disturb)         Remote camera and havahart trap setup

     Scent station setup for carnivores (please don't disturb)                 Remote camera and scent-station setup

       Coyote #1 (adding his own scent)                                                        Coyote #2

                                   Armadillo                                                                    White-tailed deer

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