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I have pdf files for most of my published papers, and have pre-print files (proofs) for others.  Because some of the articles include photographic figures, some pdf files of older papers are large.  Pagination of proofs is not finalized.

Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Reviews
Hood, C.S., and A.L. Gardner  2008.  Family Emballonuridae.  pp. 188-207, in, Mammals of South America, Vol. 1: Marsupials, Xenarthrans, Shrews, and Bats. (A.L. Gardner , ed.).  Univ. Chicago Press.   699 pp.
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Smith, J. D., and C. S. Hood. 1984. Genealogy of the New World nectar-feeding bats revisited: a reply to Griffiths. Systematic Zoology, 33: 435-460.    If you want a better quality reprint, here is one  ==> REPRINT (it's 3.9 mb)  
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