Dear Friends and Family,


For the past twelve years since I retired as a university professor and administrator, I have traveled extensively throughout Italy and just recently throughout the western United States, visiting relatives, researching ancestors, and taking numerous pictures in the process.  And now, through the generosity of Loyola University of New Orleans where I served as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 1979 to 1985, I am able to share with you  the results of those twelve years. 


This website, entitled “Falco’s Aerie," is my way of looking back from the somewhat “lofty perch” of hindsight to review those events and make them available through this electronic medium. 


My thanks to everyone who helped with this endeavor, from Brad Petitfils of Loyola’s Library staff and Alex Biondolillo, his student assistant, to all those friends and relatives all over the country and in Italy for their patience with my unending questions and the graciousness and generosity of their responses.




Maria J. Falco

Fall, 2005