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Course Syllabus

Part I: Classical Definition of the Problem

Date:                  Topic:                                                           Study Assignment:

Jan. 11      The Problems of Epistemology

Jan. 13      Fundamental Vocabulary of Epistemology             MvN, pp.1-25; Notes pp. 1-11      Basic Concepts of Epistemology
                                                                                                                                            Basic Concepts of Logic

Jan. 18*    Plato: The Object of Knowledge                          MvN pp.31-42; Notes pp. 12-20    Analysis of selection from Meno
                                                                                                                                             Plato's Theory of Forms

Jan. 20      Plato: Knowledge as Justified true Belief               MvN pp.42-61                        Selections from Theatetus

Jan. 25      Aristotle: Sensory Basis of Knowledge                 MvN pp.62-73; Notes, pp. 21-24   Comparison of Plato and Aristotle

Jan. 27     Class Cancelled due to Family Funeral for Dr. Folse

Feb. 1      Aristotle: Knowledge is of the Form                     MvN pp.73-80                          Aristotle's Theory of Knowledge

Feb. 3 *   Sextus: The Challenge of Skepticism                     MvN pp.81-91, 473-488

Feb. 8 & 11                     Mardi Gras Holidays

Part II: Foundationalism: Rationalism vs. Empiricism

                                                                                               Descartes's Basic Epistemological Argument

Feb. 15           Descartes: Doubt and Certainty                              MvN pp.111-120; Notes, pp. 25-34

Feb. 17*         Descartes: Clear and Distinct Innate Ideas               MvN pp.120-127

Feb. 22           Locke: Attack on Innate Ideas                                MvN pp.128-146; Notes, pp. 35-39 Locke on Substance

Feb. 24          Leibniz: Rationalist Counterattack                            MvN pp.149-156

Mar. 1            Berkeley

Mar. 3            Berkeley: Purifying Lockean Empiricism                   MvN pp.156-166; Notes, pp. 40-47
                                                                                                Check out

Mar. 8            Hume: A Priori vs. Empirical Knowledge                 MvN pp.167-173; Notes, pp. 48-54
                                                                                                   Annotated Selections from Hume's Enquiry
                                                                                                    Check out

Mar. 10*        Hume: Causality and Skepticism                              MvN pp.173-182

Mar. 15           Kant: Solving Hume's Problem                                 MvN pp.199-204; Notes, pp. 55-58
`                                                                                                 Annotated selections from  Kant, Prolegomena (Parts I-III)

Mar. 17*          Kant: The Synthetic A Priori                                     MvN pp.204-211

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Mar. 22 & 24                Spring Break - Easter Holidays

Part III: Pragmatism, Realism and Positivism


Mar. 29           James: Knowledge as What One Should Believe        MvN pp.217-236; Notes, pp. 59-64

Mar. 31*         Lewis: Pragmatic Element in Knowledge                    MvN pp.258-269
                                                                                         Annotated Selections from Lewis' The Pragmatic Element in Knowledge

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Apr. 5              Lewis: The Pragmatic Conception of A Priori             MvN pp.321-327

Apr. 7              G.E.Moore: Realism and Common Sense                  MvN pp. 381-394

Apr. 12            Russell: Logic and Science                                        MvN pp. 214-222

Apr. 14*          Completion of  Russell and Realism

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Apr. 19            Introduction to Logical Positivism

Apr. 21            Carnap: Verificationism                                            MvN pp 223-233; 245-255
                                                                                   Annotated version of Rudolph Carnap, Empiricism Semantics and Ontology

Essays for Third Take-Home Due Today

Part IV: Contemporary Issues in Analytic Epistemology

Apr. 26*            Quine: Pragmatist Attack on Empiricism                   MvN pp.255-268

Apr. 28            Quine: Naturalized Epistemology                             MvN pp.419-427

May 3              Reliabilist Theories of Knowledge                            MvN pp.357-366

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