1.  What can be known according to Descartes' epistemology?

 2.  How is error possible?

 3.  Why isn't it the IPB's "fault" if the IPB created us such that we use our faculties incorrectly?

 4.  How do we use our faculties correctly?

 5.  Which ideas are "clear and distinct"?

 6.  What sorts of ideas are clear and distinct concepts?

 7.  How do we know they are clear and distinct?

 8.  How does this show the mechanistic world-view gives us knowledge?

 9.  How Descartes claim to have proved that the mechanical description of nature is knowledge?

10. Does this mean the world is as we perceive it to be in sensory experience?

11. Why do bodies appear to have many other properties?

12. Is this all there is for Descartes?

13. How does Descartes know bodies really exist as we conceive them in the mechanistic description of nature?

14. What about our knowledge of the existence of minds other than our own?

15. What are the advantages of Cartesian dualism?

16. How do mind and body relate to each other in the human person?

17. How have philosophers reacted to this problem?