Revised Course Syllabus

Date:                             Topic:                                             Study Assignment:

Part III: Pragmatism, Realism and Positivism

Apr. 3         Lewis: Pragmatic Element in Knowledge                 MvN pp.258-268; pp. 321-327 The Pragmatic Element in Knowledge

Apr. 8         Positivism and Conventionalism                               MvN pp. 246-257; pp 269-279

Apr. 10       Quine: Pragmatist Attack on Empiricism                  MvN pp.280-293

Apr. 15 & 17                    Easter Holidays                            Read Chaps 5-8 of Bonjour

Part IV: Contemporary Issues in Analytic Epistemology

Apr. 22       Russell: Logic and Science                                      MvN pp. 237-245, Bonjour, Chap 6 &7

Apr. 24       Reliabilist Theories of Knowledge                           MvN pp.523-538; Bonjour, Chap 8

Apr. 29       Foundations vs. Coherence                                     MvN pp.341-356; Bonjour, Chap 9

May 1         Externalism vs. Internalism                                      MvN pp. 357-379; Bonjour, Chap 10

May 6         Quine: Naturalizing Epistemology                             MvN pp.501-522; Bonjour, Chap. 11