Revised Course Syllabus

Date:             Topic:                                         Study Assignment:

Part III: Pragmatism and Positivism

Apr. 3          Lewis: Pragmatic Element in Knowledge             MvN pp.258-268; pp.321-327 The Pragmatic Element in Knowledge

Apr. 8          Carnap: Empiricism and Convnetionalism             MvN pp. 246-257; pp 269-279

Apr. 10        Quine: Pragmatist Attack on Empiricism               MvN pp.280-293

Apr. 15 & 17                     Easter Holidays

Part IV: Relativism and Contemporary Controversies in Epistemology

Apr. 22     Relativism and Growth of Knowledge                       MvN, pp. 294-304; Laudan, pp. 1-32

Apr. 24     Theory Ladeness of Observation                              Laudan, pp. 33-68

Apr. 29     Holism and Empirical Underdetermination                 Laudan, pp. 69-92

May 1       Standards and Incomensurability                               Laudan, pp. 93-145

May 6       The Social Determination of Belief                             Laudan, pp. 146-170