Philosophy 122: Introduction to Philosophy
Section 10 (Tues & Thurs. at 11:00 -12:15)

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Part I

Some Questions in Philosophy

Fundamental Concepts of Logic

Apology 25c -26b: Socrates Refutes Meletus

The "Learner's Paradox" (Meno 80d-81e)

The Paradox of the Philosopher-King

Plato's "Theory of Forms"

Part II:

Descartes' Third Meditation Argument

How Descartes Rationalistic Epistemology defends the Mechanistic World-View

Review of Descartes' Whole Argument

Review Study Questions on Descartes' Meditations

Part III:

Three Metaphysical Theories

How Berkeley Argues from Empiricism in Epistemology to Idealism in Metaphysics

Review Study Questionsa on Berkeley

How Hume Argues from Empiricism in Epistemology to Skepticism in Metaphysics

Questions about Hume's Analysis of Causality

Review Study Questions on David Hume

Part IV:

Some Fundamental Concepts in Ethics



Kantian Ethical Theory


Review Study Questions on Ethical Theories