PHILOSOPHY H235: HONORS Epistemology


Course Information:

Parts I & II Supplementary Readings:

Supplement to textbook selection from Meno: Plato: Meno (Selections)

Comparison of Plato and Aristotle

Descartes's Basic Epistemological Argument:

Locke on Substance

Annotated selections from  Kant, Prolegomena (Parts I-III)

Parts III  Supplementary Readings:

William James: What Pragmatism Means

C.I. Lewis, The Pragmatic Element in Knowledge

What is Logical Positivism?

Rudolph Carnap, Empiricism Semantics and Ontology

Part IV:    Over Easter Break you should consult the following links prior to reading Laudan's Science and Relativism

  • What is Cognitive Relativism?
  • The Parties in Laudan's Discussion
  • The Issues in Laudan's Discussion
  • The Challenge of  "Holism"
  • Theory Ladeness of Observation
  • Laudan's Reticulational Analysis of Rationality
  • Some Websites on Laudan's Philosophy of Science

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