Source Review Sheet 11:    Lindberg, Ch. 11   The Reformation in the Netherlands

Read the Source Materials and Select the sentence/passage which you belief sums up the central argument of the author.

11.1 Luther: A New Song Shall Here Be Begun (1523)

11.2 Teh Venetian Ambassador on Philip II (1559)

11.3 Philip II: The Edict of 1555

11.4 The Belgic Confession of Faith (1561)

11.5 Pieter Titelmans, Inquisitor to Regent Margaret of Parma Kortrijk (July 17,1562)

11.6 Description of "Hedge-Preaching" Given to Regent Margaret (June, 1566)

11.7 Philip Marnix on Mob Violence in the Netherlands (1567)

11.8 "Request" of the Nobles, Presented to Regent Margaret by Henry Brederode (April 5, 1566)

11.9 "The Request of Those of the New Religion to the Confederate Nobles" (February 8, 1567)

11.10 Philip II: Letter to Pope Pius V on the Religious Question in the Netherlands (1566)

11.11 The Goals of William of Orange (June 16, 1572)

11.12 Calvinists Appeal to the King for a Truce (June 22, 1578)

11.13 Beutterich on the Possible Consequences of a Truce (c. October 2, 1578)

11.14 Act of Abjuration (July 25, 1581)

11.15 Philip II Refuses to Concede Toleration (August 17, 1585)