Source Review 4:             Lindberg, Ch. 4  Social Welfare and Education

Read the Source Materials and Select the sentence/passage which you belief sums up the central argument of the author

4.1 Canon Law



4.2 Johann Geiler of Kaysersberg (1445-1510): "Concerning Begging"



4.3 The Nuremberg Begging Order of 1478



4.4 Luther: "Foreward" to Mathias Huetlin's The Book of Vagabonds" (1510)



4.5 Luther: The Blessed Sacrament of the Holy and True Body of Christ and the Brotherhoods (1519)



4.6 Anonymous: "What is Loan-Interest Other than Usury?" (1540)



4.7 Luther: Trade and Usury (1524)



4.8 Luther: "That Clergy Should Preach Against Usury" (1540)



4.9 Social Welfare Legislation: The City of Wittenberg (1522)



4.10 Social Welfare Legislation: Leisnig (1523)



4.11 A Conversation Concerning the Common Chest of Schwabach, Namely by Brother Heinrich, Knecht Ruprecht, Spuler, and Their Master of the Wool Trade (1524)



4.12 Luther: To the Councilmen of All Cities in Germany that They Establish and Maintain Christian Schools (1524)



4.13 Luther: A Sermon on Keeping Children in School (1530)