Source Review Sheet 7:  Lindberg, Ch. 7   The Radical Reformations

Read the Source Materials and Select the sentence/passage which you belief sums up the central argument of the author.

7.1 Zwingli: Refutation of the Tricks of the Baptists (July 31, 1527)

7.2 Anabaptism Begins (February 7, 1525)

7.3 The Second Zurich Disputation (Oct. 26-28, 1523)

7.4 Conrad Grebel and Companions to Müntzer (Sept. 5, 1524)

7.5 Mantz's Petition of Defense, Zurich (between Dec. 13 and 28, 1524)

7.6 Hübmaier to Oecolampadius on Baptism (Jan. 16, 1525)

7.7 The Zurich council Orders Infant Baptism, and Silence (Jan. 18, 1525)

7.8 The Council Orders Anabaptists to be Drowned (March 7, 1526)

7.9 Zwingli:  Of Baptism (May 27, 1525)

7.10 The Schleitheim Confession of Faith [Seven Articles]

7.11 The Banishment of Blaurock and Execution of Mantz

7.12 The Trial and Martyrdom of Michael Sattler (1527)

7.13 Bernard Rothmann: A Confession of Faith and Life in the Church of Christ of Münster (1534)

7.14 The Twelve Elders of Münster:  "Thirteen Statements of the Order of Life" and "A Code for Public Behavior"  (mid-1534)

7.15 Appeal to Outsiders to join the "New Jerusalem" in Münster

7.16 The Death of the "Prophet" Jan Matthijs

7.17 Communism in the City of Münster

7.18 The Introduction of Polygamy in the City of Münster

7.19 Rothmann: Restitution of Christian Teaching, Faith, and Life (October, 1534)

7.20 Rothmann: Concerning Revenge (December, 1534)

7.21  The Capture, Torture, Confession, and Execution of Jan van Leiden