Source Review 9:             Lindberg, Ch. 9  The Genevan Reformation

Read the Source Materials and Select the sentence/passage which you belief sums up the central argument of the author 

9.1 John Calvin: Conversion and Development



9.2 Nicolas Cop: Rector's Address  to University of Paris (Novemenber 1, 1533)



9.3 Michel Roset: Chronicles of Geneva (1562)



9.4 Jeanne de Jussie: Calvinist Germs or the Beginning of Heresy in Geneva



9.5 The Ecclesiastical Ordinances of 1541



9.6 François de Bonvard:  On the Ecclesiastical Polity of Geneva



9.7 Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion



9.8 Ordinances Concerning the Polity in Geneva (December 17, 1546)



9.9 The Consensus Tigurinus (August 1, 1549)



9.10 A Letter from the Geneva Company of Pastors to the Swiss Churches on Jerome Bolsec (November 14, 1551)



9.11 Servetus:  Letter to Abel Poupin, Minister in Geneva (1547?)



9.12 The Trial of Michael Servetus (August, 1553)



9.13 Sevetus:  Plea for Religious Liberty



9.14 Servetus:  Petition from Prison to the Geneva Council



9.15 The Sentence of the Geneva Council (October 27, 1553)



9.16 Castellio: Concerning Heretics