Worksheet 2: Jensen, Ch. 1: The Conditions of Social and Religious Unrest
Essential Question: In what sense was Europe a Society in Transition during the early Sixteenth Century and How did these Conditions Promote Social and Religious Unrest? 
1.  Sixteenth-Century Society and Life
What were the problems of peasant, urban and noble society during the period of transition? And how did they adapt? What was the role of women in society and how and why were the traditional attitudes about marriage being challenged?


2. Economic Conditions
What prompted the change in Europe's agricultural system and what impact did it have?  How did the new accumulation of wealth strengthen the relationship between towns and their monarchs?


3.  Statebuilding in France
How did Francis I build and consolidate his power in France and what was the chief thrust of his foreign policy? How would this affect European politics throughout the Age of the Reformation?


4.  English Politics under Henry VIII
What advantages did Henry VIII have in building his power in England? What was the nature of his foreign policy, what tools did he use to achieve it, and why was an alliance with France so difficult?


5. The Empire of Charles V
How did the luck of Charles V's ancerstry provide him with such a huge empire?  Why was he unable to centralize his imperial rule?  What were his chief problems in Spain and the Netherlands and how did he deal with them?  What was his foreign policy?  How did the particular social structure of Germany present unique problems that resisted Charles efforts at centralization?


6. Erasmus and the Christian Humanists
In what sense were the Christian humanists the vanguard of the Reformation? What was Erasmus’goal? What was the impact of humanism in France, Spain,England and Germany?


7. Social disorder and Religious Unrest
In what sense was the church powerful in Germany prior to the Reformation? What were its weaknesses? What factors worked against change? What type of Reformation did most people envision? What reason for complaint did German society have against the church?  What prompted the general religious revival in the early sixteenth century? And what role did many see the Bible playing in the revival?


Jakob Fugger
noblesse de l’epée
 noblesse de robe
Thomas Wolsey
Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros
Thomas More
John Colet
John Reuchlin