A Love of Hibiscus

Although we enjoy and consider all members of the Malvacae family worthy subjects of study and propagation, we have a special affection for the lovely tropical hibiscus, hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Consequently, this site is heavily weighted in favor of these wonderful flowers.

Hibiscus, in all their wondrous variety, have been gaining popularity throughout the country. This is due in large part to the efforts of hybridizers. Within the last half century, they have introduced thrilling new color combinations and forms to the already impressive, traditional garden varieties.

These "new" hibiscus possess a splendor and diversity that never ceases to amaze. Even those of us who have grown hibiscus for years must occasionally pause to remind ourselves that these beauties are indeed "real"!

As these new cultivars have become more widely known, the general public has learned to request them by name. Garden centers have responded by seeking out sources of new plant materials. Nonetheless, many gardeners, even experienced gardeners, have little practical knowledge in raising and caring for these exotic beauties.

It has long been the desire of the New Orleans Chapter to offer the gardening-minded citizens of the greater New Orleans area a locally based website with information about hibiscus. But the lack of expertise in webpage design and other obligations led to protracted delays in getting this project "up and running". We regret that it has taken so long, but we are very pleased that we now have accomplished this goal.

Because the internet is a "borderless" system of information, it would be redundant to offer the same sources and materials already available on several other excellent sites. And so, with the kind permission of our sister chapters of the American Hibiscus Society, we will provide, where common sense and expediency dictate, LINKS to those sites.

Our website is still a “work in progress,” but we trust that it will answer your basic questions and hopefully "wet your appetite" for learning more about this wonderfully captivating flower. Be assured, we do intend to improve this website in the future as we become more "web design" savvy. Please visit us again.

Keep them blooming!

Robert Gerlich, S.J.

President of the New Orleans Chapter


New Orleans Chapter of the American Hibiscus Society