The Student Historical Journal 1997-1998
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"Niggers Ain't Gonna Run This Town":
Militancy, Conflict and the Sustenance of the Hegemony in Bogalusa, Louisiana
Seth Hague
Winner, 1998 Loyola University History Writing Award

Teach Them the Moral Way of Living:
The Meeting of Huron Sexuality and European Religion
Mary C. Mees

Last Stand of the Great Bear:
Hitler, Stalin, and Operation Barbarossa
David S. Pipes

Crossing the Threshold:
The Roles of Elite Southern White Women in the American Civil War
Erin Matherne
Winner, 1999 Loyola University History Writing Award

Rhetoric Awaiting Realization:
Mexican Nationstate Formation
James E. Cypher

Decades of Denial:
Hollywood Portrayals of Lesbianism, 1930-1997
Alison A. Grounds

In Their Own Hand:
Reform of the Written Chinese Language in the People’s Republic of China
Holly R. Fabre