The Student Historical Journal 1998-1999
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It has always been the policy of the Student Historical Journal that the lead essay be the work selected as the outstanding paper for that school year.  This year's winner, Crossing the Threshold:  The Roles of Elite Southern White Women in the American Civil War, by Erin Matherne, was published in last year's journal.  The Student Historical Journal would like to congratulate Ms. Matherne for her outstanding scholarship and her commmitment to history.


A True Queen
Jennifer Edie

Revenge in the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria:
The Putnam Family and George Burroughs
Anastasia Karson

Father of History, Father of Lies
David Pipes

Scottish Devolution:
A Historical and Political Analysis
Luis Rivera

Corned Beef Raid on Embassy:
British Patriotism and the Falkland Conflict
Adam Haney

The Divinely-Protected, Well-Flourishing Domain:
The Ottoman System in the Balkan Peninsula
Sean Krummerich

Rebirth of a Japanese American Identity:
The Crystal City Experience
Jessica DeVoe