The Student Historical Journal 1999-2000
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"Identifying Cajun History," by Julie Hebert is from her thesis for Honors in History which was selected as the outstanding research paper for the 1999-2000 Academic Year.


Identifying Cajun Identity:
Cajun Assimilation and the Revitalization of Cajun Culture
by Julie Hebert

The Frontier Showman:
An Examination of Buffalo Bill Cody as a Mythic Western Hero
by Ryan Burruss

The Devil in Robert Johnson:
The Progression of the Delta Blues to Rock and Roll
by Adam Compagna

The Jewish Holocaust:
Ordinary Germans Made Killers by the Third Reich
by Fergus Tuohy

'Wickedness Breaks Forth':
The Crime of Sodomy In Colonial New England
by Kimberly N. Chehardy

The Destruction of Muskogee Autonomy
Before the Creek War

by Adam Oliver

Victorian Culture and Society:
Jack the Ripper as Victorian Entertainment
by Jamie Kinsler