Loyola New Orleans - Monroe Library - off-campus use bookmarklet

Off-campus access to electronic resources: Firefox bookmarklet

by Jim Hobbs

If you're off-campus and want to use one of the Monroe Library's online resources, this Firefox (only) bookmarklet will transform a link from Google, or elsewhere, into a link that you can use with our subscription services.

Drag this image into your bookmarks toolbar: Loyola off-campus

You'll have a new button in your toolbar. It will look like this: bookmarklet appearance

You can change the name or other properties of the bookmarklet by right clicking and dragging down to Properties or control + click on a Mac. bookmarklet properties

When you're on a page that you got to other than through the library's list of online information services or e-journals, you can click the bookmarklet to reload the page with our proxy server information. That way you can quickly and easily go to the resource, but only if it's one to which we subscribe.

Link for Science before proxifying: unproxied link

Link for Science after proxifying: proxied link

Now you can use Science off-campus. This is unnecessary if you've started with the library's links to online resources. To see the full list of information services go to the Databases by Subject Area page. To find a journal in electronic form, use Journal Finder.

Call the Learning Commons Desk at 504-864-7155 with questions any time the library is open. Or you can contact Jim Hobbs at 504-864-7126 Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:45pm.