Cajun and zydeco recording information form

This form asks for the information to add a recording to the database of commercially-released Cajun and zydeco music created and maintained by Jim Hobbs. To submit a recording, print this form, type or legibly write in the information and mail to Jim Hobbs, Loyola University Library, 6363 St. Charles Ave., Box 198, New Orleans, LA USA 70118-6195. You can also email the information to Contact me directly with questions. To learn more, see the project description. Please include as much information as the recording has, even misspellings! Thanks for your help!

Album information

Group or performer:
Title of album (please take from disc label not cover; 45s have no title just list A side):
Record company:
Serial (catalog) number:
Copyright date:
Format: 78/45/33/Cassette/CD/8-track/DAT/Other (specify)
French lyrics? Yes/No
English lyrics? Yes/No
Liner notes? Yes/No
Performer photograph? Yes/No
Liner notes author:
Where did you see this recording? (Corporate or personal name, street address, city, state, zip, telephone number)


Cuts/Album tracks

(List all cuts by side (if any) and number, e.g., A1, A2, A3. Include author(s). Do not include publishing company and time. Use back if necessary.) Contact me if you have another format, like 8-tracks, that doesn't fit here.

A1 B1
A2 B2
A3 B3
A4 B4
A5 B5
A6 B6
A7 B7
A8 B8
A9 B9
A10 B10



(Give exactly as on the recording. Do not summarize.)



(Include any information supporting what is above. Any other numbers on the recording may be helpful, especially if they are imprinted directly on a vinyl record between the last cut and the label.)


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