Recommended Cajun, Louisiana Creole & zydeco music recordings

By Jim Hobbs

There are thousands of recordings of Cajun, Louisiana Creole and zydeco music. My database lists the ones I've located so far. Occasionally someone asks for a list of recommended recordings; here are many I like. Most are readily-available CDs, not hard-to-find 78s, 45s or 33s. Remember to listen online to Lâche Pas, a program featuring this music on radio station WWOZ 90.7 FM, New Orleans. The program airs locally on Sunday from noon until 2:00 pm, Central Time (GMT -6). Sorry, we cannot provide copies of songs played on the air. There's this copyright thing that prevents us. Buy some of these and keep the music going.



Louisiana Creole


The university prohibits me from linking directly to online stores, but if you've gotten this far, then you will have no trouble finding dealers online. I urge you to purchase from sources in Louisiana, so we can keep this music strong and available for a long, long time. One excellent retailer is the Louisiana Music Factory. Flat Town Music is part of the Ville Platte, Louisiana family that produces the Swallow and Maison de Soul labels. Here's some advice on purchasing out-of-print recordings.

Last edited July 16, 2012.

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