Creating Web Pages

By Jim Hobbs, Online Services Coordinator, Monroe Library, Loyola University New Orleans

Using WordPress

Creating and publishing web pages through Loyola

Communications Writing CMMN-A101 web page template with margins and double spacing with the communications.css document
(Click on both of these to open them, then use Control-S to save them to your new folder.)

Composer exercises for SeaMonkey class handout (one page PDF)

Creating Web Pages using Mozilla SeaMonkey class handout (one page PDF)

Finding and Using Media Research Guide and Legal media for web pages (clip art images, graphics and photographs) (one page PDF)

Publishing Your Web Pages at Loyola with Filezilla (one page PDF)

Sound in web pages (one page PDF)

YouTube videos in web pages (one page PDF)

Extra resources for further exploration

Color in Web pages and the Color Table for HTML 3.0 (browser safe colors)

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Margins Using CSS handout, and the style.css file Save this file and follow handout instructions to create page margins, double spacing and a color background. Optional communications.css file

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