Advising Notes

for Spring 2015

Intro CC Courses

If you are a sophomore or junior and you still have Intro Common Curriculum courses that you need to take, you should schedule them in the Spring of 2015. Intro CC Courses are the ones with the "T" designation (i.e. ENGL-T122, SCIE-T129, etc). Starting with Fall 2015 registration, placement in these courses will be limited to freshmen and rising sophomores until after incoming freshmen are registered in the summer. Upperclassmen WILL be able to take these courses, but will only be able to register for them after new student registration, so seats may be limited. Save some headache, and get them done now.

Snyder Notes for Spring 2015 registration

There are a number of courses that are available to satisfy Contemporary Issues and Arts Administration requirements. The courses that are being posted for the spring include:

Legal Issues II, taught by Tim Kappell W 06:20-09:05PM
History of the Music Busines, aught by Lo Faber MWF 01:30-02:20PM
Touring, taught by Mike Twillmann R 06:20-09:05PM
Artist Health and Wellness, T 06:20-09:05PM
Mindfulness for Artists, taught by Whitney Stewart M 06:20-09:05PM
Craft and Business of Songwriting, taught by Jim McCormick M 06:20-09:05PM

There are several recurring and several new tech electives that you might want to consider. The recurring courses are:

Recording Studio Techniques, taught by Sandy Hinderlie TR 03:30-04:45PM
Audio for Film and TV, taught by Jon Vogl T 06:20-09:05PM
Film Scoring, taught by Jay Weigel F 01:30-03:20PM
Production of Recorded Music, taught by Scott Billington and Jeff Albert TR 04:55-06:10PM
Intro to Digital Filmmaking, taught by Jim Gabour TR 11:00-12:15PM
Video Editing, taught by Jim Gabour TR 03:30-04:45PM
Video Writing and Directing, taught by Jim Gabour TR 02:00-03:15PM
Electronic Music Production (Modular Snythesis), taught by Teddy Michel R 06:20-09:05PM

There is a new contemporary ensemble course in the spring taught by Kate Duncan especially for singers who want to be in an a cappela singing group

Tech Electives

There are a number of technology courses that will qualify for Tech Electives. Not all of these courses are offered every semester but they all qualify for Tech Electives.

MUGN-M230 Intro to Digital Filmmaking
MUGN-M325 Urban Music Production
MUGN-M355 Recording Studio Techniques
MUGN-M360 Live Sound Production
MUGN-M408 Internet Technologies II
MUGN-M410 Electronic Music Production
MUGN-M435 Film Scoring (BM Majors can alternatively take MUTH-M435 Film Scoring)
MUGN-M437 Audio for Film & Television
MUGN-M425 Video Editing
MUGN-M430 Video Writing/Directing
MUGN-M440 Production of Recorded Music
VISA-A249 Fine Art of Photography
VISA-A265 Design for Non-Majors
VISA-A325 Web Design
VISA-A326 Motion Graphics
VISA-A349 Fine Art of Photography II
VISA-A373 Computer Based Imaging
VISA-A378 Typography
VISA-A449 Fine Art of Color Photography
CMMN-A201 Digital Communications
CMMN-A260 Intro to Layout & Design
CMMN-A265 Photography
CMMN-A265 Videography
COSC-A211 Intro to Programming
MATH-Z194 Intro to Web Site Design