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Last Updated: 13 July, 2007

Organic Cotton Course

This 5-day course introduces the small-scale farmers to the production of cotton using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment and do not expose the farmer to toxic chemicals.  It explains how to build biologically diverse and sustainable agriculture in ways that replenish and maintain soil fertility and that do not use toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers.  The course covers the general principles of organic cotton production and the methods involved in field selection, land preparation, planting, weeding and thinning.  The farmers learn the theory and gain practical experience in supplying the necessary nutrients to the cotton plants, in managing pests and diseases, and in harvesting and post harvest handling of the crop.  Finally, they learn what must be done so that an external certification organization will be able to verify that they used only methods and materials allowed in organic production.  This is important for them to be able to successfully market organic cotton.

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