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For the latest information, visit
The Kate Chopin International
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Kate Chopin.org

Another good resource: Donna Campbell's Chopin pages on the
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Kate Chopin

The Awakening

Under the Direction of Dr. Barbara C. Ewell, Presented as a Class Project 

(see Course Essentials

by a Group of 1999 Spring Semester City College Students 

Loyola University - New Orleans, Louisiana  USA


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Introduction to this Literary Journey

The Awakening E-Text Link

Historical and Cultural Contexts of The Awakening from the Standpoint of:

National Issues      Artwork      Music     Women's Issues

from the Standpoint of New Orleans Area Contexts:

Creoles     Chopin's N. O. Tour     Hurricane of 1893

Streetcar and Oak Trees on St. Charles Avenue

(New Orleans, Louisiana)

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Copyright (c) 1999, 2008; all rights reserved The contents of this communication are the sole responsibility of Dr. B. C. Ewell and her students and do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of Loyola University New Orleans.

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