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Margaret Haughery Statue

Margaret Haughery Statue

The first statue in the United States to honor a woman was of Margaret Haughery and is located in New Orleans, Louisiana at the intersection of Prytania and Camp streets. 

As an Irish immigrant, orphaned at the age of 9, Margaret Gaffney lost her husband, Charles Haughery and newborn baby to the cholera epidemic of 1835.  Margaret ran a bakery and dairy in the area and was known for delivering bread and milk to street children.

When she died in 1882 thousands of city residents marched in her funeral procession.  One can only wonder if Kate Chopin was aware of Margaret's contribution to the community as a business woman and philanthropist.

Information Source: Gehman, Mary and Ries, Nancy. Women and New Orleans A History. New Orleans, LA: Margaret Media, Inc. 1996.

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