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Grand Isle

Interested in meeting the authors of this web site? You'll find a class photo album equipped with email pages to contact this group of students. We're adult learners, located in City College at Loyola University New Orleans.

This web site was the culmination of hard work for all involved, along with an appreciation for Kate Chopin's artistry, and the chance to ensure that a large portion of our grade would be acceptable. It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce our professor, Dr. Barbara Ewell to all who visit this informative site and ourselves. We hope you find it easy to navigate and a wealth of information, assisting you in your search for comprehensive turn of the century history and literature.

We hope you enjoy your journey through a captivating era of change that pushed the limits regarding women's rights, emancipation, class distinctions, urbanization, immigration and reconstruction. These influences were particularly interesting in the South, and we hope the resources provided will give you a glimpse into life in Louisiana. We hope you better understand how turn of the century local color writers shaped the state we call home today

Thanks for visiting.
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