The Plantation Years  

Maps of Barataria Plantation

Taken from Grand Isle on the Gulf: An Early History by Evans, Stielow & Swanson

In the 1830ís the landowners on Grand Isle developed their land into large cotton and sugar cane plantations.  The largest plantation of record was the Barataria Plantation which covered two miles of the islandís center.  It had over 100 slaves and thirty-eight slave cabins.  There was also a sugar house, blacksmith, carpenter shop and slave hospital.  Plantations were active until the Civil War.


While plantations were cultivated on Grand Isle, Caminadaville remained dependent on hunting and fishing, but was becoming more urban than nearby Grand Isle.  With a population of over 300, it even had a hotel
to cater to tourists who came to the coast for surf-bathing.

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