Membership Application

The purpose of SPSGH is to foster the philosophic study of issues relating to genocide and the Holocaust . The orimary means to this end are learned meetings arranged by the SPSGH to promote the scholarly exchange of views. James R. Watson is the editor of the Holocaust and Genocide Studies book series published by Editions Rodopi. Papers presented at any of the SPSGH meetings may be submitted for possible publication in future volumes of this series.

    Membership in the Society carries voting and petitioning rights, information in advance of all learned meetings, and the duty to pay annual dues of $10.

                                            Name and Title:______________________________________
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|__| Enclosed is my personal check for $10 made payable to SPSGH—Loyola University. Mail your personal check and this entire form to: James R. Watson, President SPSGH, Department of Philosophy, Loyola University, New Orleans, La. 70118.


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