Chua Bo De Vietnamese Buddhist Temple

New Orleans, Louisiana

A white statue of Quam Am stands before the temple.

A frontal view of Chua Bo De shows its traditional style.

A view from behind the temple.

An addition allows more space for the youth group.

Shoes are removed before entering the temple.

A plaque relates the temple's founding.

The temple faces undeveloped land across the street.

A Buddhist bumper sticker.

A plaque over a side door.

Buddhists silently face the main altar.

A golden Buddha sits at center with Quam Am just visible in back.

A viewer sees the Buddha directly from the entrance.

A shrine to Amitabha faces the main altar.

Quam Am, a.k.a. Kuan Yin.

A woman prostrates before Quam Am.

The main area for worship in the Chau Bo De temple.

Behind the main altar is a wall remembering the temple's deceased ancestors.

Photos of deceased relatives are placed on the wall.

The care and protection of deceased relatives is very important.

Incense is used for many rituals.

Members pray silently during a service.

Departing the temple is done with slow dignity.